The Final Rehearsal!


The band had our last rehearsal before the forthcoming Robin 2 “Prog all Dayer” today. It has to be said it was rather nice taking our eyes off Fortune Telling for a short while do we can give you a nice selection from the back catalogue.

We were greeted with a fantastic rainbow upon leaving the studio at the end of the day. It must be a sign!


Rehearsing again

Another rehearsal at Redwall on Sunday. Not the thing you feel like doing when three members of the band were playing with other acts the night before; Kris in Burton-upon-Trent and Paul & Bob in Wales.

A 3am bedtime because of the clocks changing made for some excessive yawning!

Finally, Steve was laid up I’ll, and thus the scene was set. 5 members of the band, 3 excessively tired.

Amazingly, we managed to play the whole set, with repeat runs through the Spotlight Effect material. It’s sounding very tight. Definitely ready for the gig in May!