Full Scale (2003)

Shifting Sands And Turning Tides
Oceans Deep
Listening To Ghosts
Take A Holiday
At First Sight
Touch Sensitive
Simple Life

After years of playing gigs in and around Manchester, it was the discovery of Rotherham’s ‘Classic Rock Society‘ that spurred us into putting together our first album. Made up of songs written from our conception in 1989 to our arrival on the CRS stage in 2002, this was recorded completely on a shoestring budget. It helped to bring us to the attention of the Prog community here in the UK and overseas, with songs such as ‘Shifting Sands and Turning Tides’, ‘Oceans Deep’ and ‘Take A Holiday’, one or two of which still make appearances whenever we play live.


Sadly, this album is now sold out. It is available to stream on most good streaming platforms.

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