The Band

Strangefish began in 1989 in a suburb west of Manchester, England. We started as most bands do, with some like-minded people getting together to play cover versions and have a go at writing songs. Various musicians came and went until we settled on the line-up that ended this period. Only Steve and Paul remain from the original band.

Gigs were mainly in pubs and clubs with the odd trip to Manchester venues to see if we could make an impact. Often the crowd would not be expecting a band to be playing so Steve in particular would have to work hard to get the material across and keep people’s attention. The music written at this time was based around basic rock ideas with a hint of prog. Songs that have stood the test of time from this period are ‘Wallflower,’ ‘The Lighthouse Jig’ and ‘Ladders.

The main emphasis in the band was one of a bunch of guys having fun and having a go at writing. We were all influenced by bands like It Bites, Rush, Led Zep, Marillion, Zappa, Gillan, Wishbone Ash, Yes, Genesis etc., but as well as this the new people coming and going always brought in something fresh such as classical, jazz-funk and pop ideas.

Around 1995/6 the band activity had virtually stopped as we were busy starting families but the various members kept in touch and would still meet up socially on a regular basis.

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