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kris-1Being a huge Prog fan and past organiser of the Classic Rock Society I first came to find out about Strangefish when they played for us at the CRS in Rotherham. It was about 2000. I bought the original EP (Reeled in) at the time, and it was greatly played.

We then asked the guys back a few times, and each time a new album came out I bought it. Indeed, my own band at the time; Deadline; did a double header with Strangefish which resulted in a chaotic link up to play a cover of The Who’s “Won’t get fooled again“.

Wind the clock on a few years, with a few tours, a few different bands, a few hundred gigs under my belt and I considered myself settled in my covers band and my folk band, presuming that’s how it would stay for a few years.

Then one cold night in November 2018 came the call. A cryptic message – which then turned into a conversation about the future, and eventually led to me becoming the latest recruit onto the low end of the band.

I do take it as a great honour to be asked to join a band I’ve loved for 18 years too!

It is a close run thing between myself and Bob for who is the youngest in the band, but he just wins. I’ve got more hair though…

I love the bass playing of both Julian, and Carl; but I’m quite different to both those guys; so expect Strangefish with a twist of extra low grunt! I do love that low B string and the Mighty Warwick is a power-metal bass even in it’s most polite settings, and paired with my ultra aggressive Gallien & Krueger stack I’m sure I’ll be having you prog fans sliding up the back wall of the venue!

As for my own favourite music, well I do love IQ and ELO; but my heart is in metal. I’m a huge fan of Turisas, Sonata Arctica, Rammstein. Strangely enough, I’m often caught listening to Kate Bush too. We all have our guilty pleasures I suppose.

I don’t really see any bassists as influences, I’ve always tended to go my own way with this kind of thing.

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