Steve Taylor : Vocals

steve_band“I’m addicted to music. Other addictions have come and gone but music is with me all the time at home, in the car, at work and in my head! There’s always some melody or other floating around in there. Trouble is I’m too lazy to learn an instrument properly so that I can write my own stuff. I can play basic chords on a guitar when the mood takes me and if I aim the sticks right and the wind doesn’t change then with a bit of luck I connect with a drum! Other than that I’m pretty useless.

Thank god I have had the good fortune to be with this bunch of wonderful musicians that is Strangefish. The music they create has coaxed those melodies out and coupled with the fact that I can also string sentences together in the form of lyrics then at times we can be pretty formidable. They really don’t seem to mind me ballooning about in front of them on stage either. I try my best to put them off whilst they are in the middle of some complex solo or other by waving my arms emphatically in front of their faces or bouncing beach balls off their heads but they keep coming back for more so I must be doing something right.

It’s all about having fun and aside from the creativity that’s what the band is there for. It’s a break from the norm, letting your hair down even though it’s not there anymore, a way of letting off steam at the end of a working week.

I can’t believe we stopped doing it for so long!”

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