The Spotlight Effect (2018)

Death Of Common Sense
Progress In Reverse
Summer Slips Away
Spotlight Effect
Reverse Switch
Up To You

In the ten years or so since we announced the decision to put the band on hold there was always the feeling that a third album was in us. So when Paul asked us if we fancied getting together for old times sake to do a charity gig in his hometown, the temptation to start again was too great to be ignored.

Carl and Jo joined us for the gig so the natural step forward was to continue with them as full time members, once we knew we were going again. The first few rehearsals saw us work on songs such as ‘Death of Common Sense’ and ‘Summer Slips Away,’ as these had already been written as acoustic pieces, along with ‘Iconacon,’ which was just the barest of bones. We had a lot of fun fleshing it out.

The real turning point came with ‘Progress in Reverse’. This was the first full song, written from start to finish, with Jo and Carl on board. Confidence was growing and ‘Delicate’ followed quickly after, although again, the memory banks were plundered for the opening section.

This had been shelved around the time of ‘Fortune Telling;’ we just didn’t know what to do with it, but once it had been dusted off and stitched onto a wonderful passage of keyboard work from Paul, the rest just fell into place. Thoughts were turning towards a third album. ‘Up to You’ came about in true Strangefish fashion after a jamming session one evening, where we more or less wrote the whole thing in one go. If you want to see change then it really is up to you. This left just the title track to go to bring the whole thing together.

Up to you – from The Spotlight Effect
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